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Aka "glass noodles" are gluten-free, translucent noodles made from bean starch, with a mild, rice-like tone and delicate texture. 

Thick, wheat-based noodles with a chewy, silky texture and a mellow salted flavor. Pairs well with our Soyu soup broth.

Highly popularized in Japan, Ramen is a thin, wheat-based noodle made into a waved pattern to absorb additional flavor from our signature soup broths.

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Ramen is an iconic Japanese and Chinese noodle soup dish served with mountains of delicious toppings. Ramen is made with wheat noodles that are thick or thin, wavy or straight, a light and tasty soup broth and a wide variety of garnishes! 

The soup base is generally made from chicken or pork and flavored with shitake mushrooms, onions, fish flakes or dried fish, salt, miso, or soy sauce. Toppings include nutritious additions such as slices pork, boiled egg, pickled ginger, scallions, seaweed, corn, bean sprouts, seafood, and cheese. 

There are endless variations on the Ramen Noodle Bowl theme, and at Ramen Master you are the master of your meal! Choose from our pre-selected menu of traditional combinations, or for the more adventurous - invent your own creation from our build-it-yourself menu.

What is Ramen?

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