Ramen Master

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To us, our name, Ramen Master denotes the artistic precision that arises out of complete dedication to mastering a skill. Our skill is Ramen and our dedication to its mastery is most extreme. Think of us as the black belts in Ramen!

But, we are not the only Ramen Masters! Every time you visit our restaurant, you too, will hone your skills  creating a masterful bowl of nutritious Ramen noodles. Combine your creativity and inspiration with our thoughtfully curated menu items to create a truly masterful meal. In order to provide this experience, we are committed to sourcing the freshest local ingredients. Our menu offerings will rotate seasonally with the changing availability of various food products in the marketplace.

We also adore the diversity of people and ideas in Colorado. We envision a restaurant where friends, co-workers, and family can sit down over a hot bowl of noodles and share ideas and stories, solve the world's problems, or just mingle over some locally crafted beers. The result is a unique culinary experience and a masterfully crafted, Colorado-style Ramen Noodle Bowl!

We are excited to be the first cultural experience of this piquant flavor to come to Old Town.

We love our Colorado-style Ramen, and we know you will too!